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Happiness all
around The World


President Kazunori Hotta

Since October 2003, We have built wedding venues in Hawaii, Guam, Bali, Okinawa, Taiwan, and Jakarta, and we produced “ONLY ONE” weddings explicitly designed for each individual destination.

At this moment, not only Japanese couples but also couples from all over the world have weddings at our venues.

The Happiest moments experienced during wedding ceremonies; these feelings do not have any boundaries and cultural differences, and we believe it only brings joy and a smile on people's faces.

We will continuously strive to make “Happiness all around The World” come true through our weddings.


ARLUIS WEDDING is a destination wedding specialist that is created with the concept of “even the breeze becomes a page of your memory.” Our wedding chapels are located in the world famous luxury hotels and resorts in Hawaii, Guam, Indonesia, Okinawa and Taiwan. Our ‘ALL IN ONE’ concept makes our venues the best wedding destination, where we create your dreamlike wedding experience in one location. All of our staff are passionate to ensure that every aspect of your wedding exceeds your expectations and imaginations.

“Wearing your Heartfelt White”
A dress with twinkling beads shining in the sun, a dress gently flowing in the breeze, adress with a white. WITH A WHITE select ion is designed to fulfill a variety of requests for destination weddings. Happiness of choosing the perfect look and the magical moment when you put on that dress for the first time is experienced in our dress salon.

“Everything turns into beauty”
Making ever lasting memories, our photographers and videographers are specialized in destination weddings to ensure your every special moment is captured. “Memories of Happiness” is created by designers from various backgrounds.


Room to Read|
A new step for "Happiness all around the world"

GOOD LUCK CORPORATION has become a partner of NGO “Room to Read” to seek another way to achieve “Happiness all around the world”. 
GOOD LUCK CORPORATION will donate $3 per wedding to "Room to Read" in order to build a new library in developing countries as a literacy improvement program for children. 
This way, we believe that happiness can be shared between wedding couples and children in developing countries.
Through this project with "Room to Read", it would be expected that a library will be built within 2 years from now. 


10th floor, Seafort Square Bld., 2-3-12,
Higashishinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 140-0002, Japan

TEL | 03-5781-7681  FAX | 03-5781-7682


October 10, 2003


387 (as of Sep 2016)


Kazunori Hotta - Founder


100 million Yen


Destination weddings, wedding business consultation and its related produc development.


Travel planning and arrangements of destination wedding.

Overseas Subsidiaries


2255 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu HI 96815


Sunny Plaza#105.106, 125 Tun Jesus Crisostomo Street, Tamuning, Guam 96913


JL. Raya Uluwatu No. 38 A-B, Jimbaran, Bali Indonesia, 80364


October 2003

Started to produce overseas wedding in oahu, hawaii

September 2004

Arluis Blue Point By The Sea
(Point Bay Villa & Spa, Bali) was opened

June 2005

Formed capital and business alliance with Take and Give Needs Co. Ltd.

September 2005

Arluis Suite (Okinawa) was opened

June 2007

Relocated head office to Shibuya.
White Arrow Chapel
(Hotel: Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort, Guam) was opened

November 2007

Aqua Stella Chapel
(Hotel: Hilton Guam Resort & Spa, Guam) was opened

April 2009

Jewel By The Sea
(Hotel: Hyatt Regency Guam, Guam) was opened

March 2010

The Moana Chapel
(Hotel: Moana Surfrider Westin Resort & Spa, Hawaii) was opened

June 2010

Relocated head office to Tennozu Isle

September 2012

Acquired of Global Pictures Co., Ltd

June 2013

The Makana Chapel
(Hotel: Sheraton Waikiki Resort, Hawaii) was opened

August 2013

Established Goodluck Taiwan Co. Ltd

January 2014

Doa:cahaya At Blue Heaven
(Restaurant: Blue Heaven Patangpatang Beach, Bali) was opened

September 2014

Shiro No Kyokai
(Hotel: Hotel Orion Motobu Resort & Spa, Okinawa) was opened

January 2015

Crystal Chapel
(Hotel: Hotel Nikko Guam, Guam) was opened

January 2016

The Modern Wedding was opened
(Hotel: The Modern Honolulu, Hawaii)

November 2016

Chateau De Felicite (Taiwan) was opened.
Ko’ Olina Royal Chapel
(Four Seasons Resort Oahu At Ko’ Olina, Hawaii) was opened

January 2017

Chura No Kyokai
(The Ginoza Resort, Okinawa) was opened

April 2017

The Rainbow Chapel
(Hotel: Pacific Islands Club Guam, Guam) was opened